Random thoughts on infosec and ops

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Lenovo Thinkpad P52 Review

So I was going to make this review into a Youtube video… but boy I’m not sure if I have a face for video. 😉 Any how I got a new laptop I wanted to review, especially since it appeared that there’s not been much media attention toward this laptop. Possibly like you guys, I was looking for a review on this laptop before pulling the trigger and was disappointed when I couldn’t find anything what so ever in regards to a proper review. It could also possibly be the point that this laptop just got announced about a month ago, so hey, I guess I’ll be the first.

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Windows 10 Now Offering 2fa

If you have Windows 10 Pro 1709 or above, you can now take advantage of a surprising new feature part of Windows Hello for Business dubbed Multifactor Unlock.

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Deleted My Facebook

For the name of science… and of course, privacy, I officially deleted my Facebook account today, April 2, 2018. It’s a distraction that I well believe that myself(and personally others) could do without. I feel that it’s not as important to me to always stay on top of what people are doing in their lives. If I really want to know what is up, I should physically call them, text them, and of course see them in person. I’ll be just as reachable as I’ve always been still connected via cell phone/sms, Wire, Signal, email, Twitter, etc. Speaking of Twitter, you can follow me at @seanryan_. I enjoy twitter a lot more since I follow more news outlets that interest me, tech/security folk and less potential drama.

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Ios Openvpn Vpn On Demand

So connecting back to my home network securely has been a fairly easy task for the last few years thanks to OpenVPN. With that, generating OpenVPN configs via the PFSense add-on openvpn-client-export and then importing them into the OpenVPN Connect app for iOS(also for Android) is also easy. But the one gripe I’ve always had is the inconsistency of the connection staying alive. I’ll connect to a wifi network or be out roaming the streets when I then notice that my VPN connection has dropped off(WTH!?). There goes some security and the point of the VPN all together. This has been important due to the RasPBX set up I have use at home that I forward my Google Voice numbers to(part of my fight against telemarkers). I use my VPN mainly for connecting back to my VOIP server so I can have a secure mode of communications(on at least my side).

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