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Deleted My Facebook

For the name of science… and of course, privacy, I officially deleted my Facebook account today, April 2, 2018. It’s a distraction that I well believe that myself(and personally others) could do without. I feel that it’s not as important to me to always stay on top of what people are doing in their lives. If I really want to know what is up, I should physically call them, text them, and of course see them in person. I’ll be just as reachable as I’ve always been still connected via cell phone/sms, Wire, Signal, email, Twitter, etc. Speaking of Twitter, you can follow me at @seanryan_. I enjoy twitter a lot more since I follow more news outlets that interest me, tech/security folk and less potential drama.

In regards to privacy and security, my Facebook is a treasure trove of knowledge I just don’t want people, marketers, and computers knowing about me. When I was much younger on Facebook, I was a lot more careless of what I posted. As I grew older and more aware, my habits got better. But still, that data sits on their servers. There are though a lot of good memories on my Facebook account, so I took the time to backup and encrypt MY data from Facebook to be saved in a safe place.

My final thoughts: Facebook is more than a habit. It’s kind of an addiction. Like caffeine, it can have good and bad side effects. I probably pulled my phone out about 20+ times a day to look at Facebook and spent probably about 30 minutes or more a day staring into it. I don’t want to rant, so I’ll stop. Maybe I’ll use my extra time I have each day now to blog a bit more 😉

Written on April 2, 2018