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Switching From Wordpress To Github Pages

I’ve decided on making the switch from Wordpress Github Pages. Reasons?

Well one, I’m not extremely confident that I can keep up with Wordpress security. Though I love practicing security, I’ve had no time lately to keep up with Wordpress hardening and updates. Even with auto-update features in Wordpress and the fact that I’m using AWS Lightsail’s Bitnami AMI which auto-updates, if feel it may be a bit overkill for my few blog posts a month(if that). Possibly in the future, I may spin up a Wordpress site as a honeypot, but time is the essence as of lately.

Secondly, I want to boost my Markdown and Github skills. Long have past the days of my web dev/design skills. As of late, Markdown appears to be a pretty handy tool in the dev field.

Third, Github pages is free. I mean 5 bucks a month for a Lightsail instance is nothing, I can instead use that 5 bucks towards other fun projects(like an upcoming VPN instance I’m looking at making)

More coming soon, so stay tuned…

Written on September 23, 2019